Three Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

fresh air illustration

The quality of the air affects us in many ways. Dusty air can trigger allergy reactions. Allowing polluted air to enter the room can cause a devastating impact on our health. And once we don’t breathe right, we don’t think right. It means that not only homeowners who are supposed to care about the air quality, but commercial building owners are supposed to be concerned too. A company owner who rents a building as his/her office must make sure that the employers can breathe fresh air because it is vital to their productivity.

The HVAC Maintenance

ceiling ventilationMost commercial buildings, including apartment and condo units, control the air quality by using an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. If you feel like the indoor temperature is too hot, or the air is too dusty, you should tell the superintendent to check on the central fan units or the filters. If there are problems, most of the time they are caused by some damages or defects on those two parts.

If the air quality does not improve, you have the right to question the quality of the HVAC system used in the building. For instance, not all air filters are the same. The high-grade ones offer maximum protection against dust, mites, pollutants, and even microorganisms. Some HVAC systems allow individual filters to be installed per room. In that case, you can try to use Honeywell filters because they have sturdy frames and come at a good price.

Regular Vacuuming

vacuum cleanerAir pollutants do not come only through the HVAC, but also from the windows and the door. Sooner or later, a dust buildup will be visible if you never clean your room. And the solution to that is regular vacuuming.

Good vacuum cleaners can kill bacteria, mites, and ticks. Some brands even utilize steam compartment to make sure that there are no larvas and eggs of any kinds of bug. Another piece of technology to look for from a vacuum cleaner is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that can trap 99.97 percent particles in the air.

Controlling the Humidity

hvac outdoor fan unitsIndoor humidity can worsen much during snowy and rainy seasons. And humidity is the primary cause of all bug infestations both on the microscopic scale and visual acuity. Water does attract lives, including those parasites.

For this problem, you can use an air conditioner that has humidity control feature. You should know that air conditioners are not the same as dehumidifiers. Sometimes you need a different device to dehumidify the air. Sometimes, the air conditioner has a combo function.